The last week of grad school is here, the literal last steps of the marathon are before me, “NIKE! NIKE! NIKE!” (I do not plan on dying).

My wife and I are VERY excited to be done, we are ready to move on with life and ‘DO what we know!’

I thought I would share my final project for SENG 5831 – Real time embedded systems class. It is an Arduino driven NeoPixel Lamp, with TFT touch screen and a real-time clock. I am very happy with how it turned out, it works!  Should you like to make your own lamp, here is a link to the code  (it is MIT licensed (i.e. open source)), and this accompanying PDF should have enough detail on how it works.



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  • jon stevens

    I love the pic of split rock lighthouse. I saw the objects. Just went to the code site. We used the RTC in the solar path follower too. After a year off you can start a doctorate or something else…..


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