What do you look forward to?

Looking forward is a matter of perspective.  Can you see the destination? Do you know where you are headed?

I often take the light-rail, its really convenient.  When I hop on, I know my destination, I don’t need to see what the conductor sees, I just enjoy the ride.

I think this is analogous to parts of life.  When I ride the train, I just follow the tracks and I listen for my station.

I’ve recently begun thinking about what’s next?  My wife and I are finishing a very busy season of life, we both went back to graduate school at the same time!  It has been many long months of riding the train (literally and metaphorically), the path has been set out before us – we just have to follow it.  But as we near this station (graduation) we are thinking about what is next.

In the last two years I have learned a lot about myself.  I’ve learned that I can do a lot more work in a week than I thought I could – some weeks the workload got up over 70hrs/week, but it usually rested at a comfortable 55-65 hrs/week. I’ve learned to just ‘stop the noise’ around me and appreciate the value of a quiet mind.  I’ve learned to trust and depend on people more than ever; some of those really killer weeks I was forced to completely trust on others, I had no other choice.

A warm spring is almost here in Minneapolis, and as I like to describe it “NOT-winter in Minneapolis is awesome!”  Patios and roof tops will be open for cavorting and unwinding. Grills will be fired up and beers put on ice. Blankets will be spread out on the grass and picnics will be taken.  My wife and I are looking forward to spending time reconnecting, and re-discovering what it means to have a free weekend.

My aspiration for this spring and summer is to spend as little time as possible in front of any kind of screen as I can.  In the last two years I have lived at my desk, I have made the terminal my home.  I know it won’t be easy to break away from the habit of almost non-stop work we’ve forced on ourselves, but Im looking forward to it.


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