Great question, having given this question years of reflection, the best I can come up with is… “i am who i am”.  Now if that phrase sounds familiar, it’s because I stole it from Exodus 3.  I say, “i am” because that’s how God referenced himself.  God has many names in the scriptures, many attributes or ‘labels’ that refer to aspects of His character or His relationship with us.   I don’t say “i am” because I see myself as a god, but because He has created us in His likeness, in His image, and I’ve learned that we are truly more than just a set of descriptors… we are.

ok, so what are some of those descriptors?

Probably the thing that is most recognizable beyond my impressive dutch looks, is my sense of humor 🙂

I live in South Minneapolis with my amazing wife and we are part of an awesome community of faith.

I work as a software engineer for an awesome company that does high performance computing; its a very rewarding job and it affords me the opportunity to work on some very challenging problems and bring out my creative and analytical sides. I love learning about many subjects, especially the sciences, and enjoy having my thinking challenged.

what are some things you are passionate about?

In no particular order, I am passionate about: my community, helping people experience Jesus, jazz music, learning, growing and playing games (board games and video games).

why did you create this website?

Another great question.  I have a history of web-development projects and though it would be silly if I didn’t build something for myself.  I have no real ambitions for this site, but I’ll use it as a way to point people towards my resume  . I thought this would also give me an outlet to write on a variety of subjects (although I make no promises about doing so), some topics of which might be: ministry, restoration, science, security, civil liberties, politics and cool things around Minnesota.

why now?

I’m looking to change how I interact with the internet.  I’ve gotten pretty bored with regular social media, and I find their platforms to ‘take’ more away from me, than what I get in return.